Military Coins: A Preview of What’s in Store for the Holder

There is a tradition of giving away military coins in the military as a gift of respect, honour, loyalty, and gratitude. The origin of these coins is still unknown. However, there are many noted legends dating these coins as far as the time of the World War I. Whether these stories are true or not are still a mystery.

Common Names

There are a lot of names given to military coins: squadron’s coins, challenge coins, unit coins, unit challenge coins, commander’s coins and memorial coins, with challenge coins being the most common name for these coins.

Purpose of These Coins

These coins are given as a token of respect, honour, patronage, affiliation, gratitude and support. These coins are also used as a gift for good behaviour; they’re most often given to soldiers, to boost morale before deployment. Military commanders often give military coins to the members of their troop who have done something noteworthy. Once a soldier receives a challenge coin, it should be carried at all times, mostly inside a pouch worn around the soldier’s neck or in his uniform’s pocket.

Cost of These Coins

Military CoinsMilitary coins can be moderately inexpensive to design and to produce, but there are highly expensive ones with intricate designs and stones. There are typically two basic processes to manufacture a coin: through die struck bronze or through zinc-alloy castings.

Die struck bronze is a more expensive process but the result is a superior product with numismatic quality, while the zinc-alloy casting process has a cheaper production cost. However, compared to the finished products rendered through the die struck bronze process, the end products of the zinc-alloy casting process are of low to average quality.

The Challenge Coin Game

Owners of military coins, particularly soldiers, often play a game between them. Since challenge coins are supposed to be carried by the owner at all times, the game is played in support of this tradition. To make sure that every soldier is complying with the tradition, another person would challenge a coin holder to see if the person has the challenge coin with him. The challenge coin game has spread to other military units and to all branches of the service. This traditional challenge is played with the following rules:

1. One soldier of the group pulls out a challenge coin and states clearly and loudly that a challenge coin check is being issued.

2. All members of the unit or the squad must show their challenge coins.

3. Any unit member who does not have the challenge coin with him must buy a round of drinks for the members who have their challenge coins with them.

4. If all unit members have their challenge coin with them, the challenger, on the other hand, needs to buy a round of drinks for all the unit members.

5. Those who refuse to participate or buy the round of drinks are sometimes forced or required to turn in their challenge coins.

Coins Outside the Military

Challenge coins are also collected and exchanged outside of the military. Civil Air Patrol, the World Series of Poker and the Harley Owners Group also have their own set of challenge coins. Challenge coins are also popular in Fire Departments, Police Departments, school organizations and clubs, fraternal organizations and even in the Congress.

Some collectors also buy challenge coins for their numismatic value. Challenge coins are also given as awards for accomplishments which are normally given to the recipient during a ceremony.

Overall, these military challenge coins are not only collected for their monetary value, but for their sentimental value as well. These coins are great tools not only for boosting morale, but also for showing gratitude and respect.

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ID Lanyards are Perfect for Everyone

ID lanyards are common items you see every day. Their purpose is simple. They hold identification cards so that the person wearing them can easily be identified. You might be surprised at the many uses this simple everyday item has.

Take a look at the following:

For Students

Being busy in school requires time management and helpful tools while studying. Pens, pencils, highlighters, and flash drives, are the most common writing tools you need. Since they are your primary needs in order to do a seat work, copy a lecture, or complete an exam, you do not want to open a messy bag only to find out that your pens are missing. A worse scenario is failing your oral report because you cannot do the presentation without the soft copy file in your missing flash drive. Having a neck lanyard allows you to secure school stuff like your ID, pen, and flash drive. Your lanyard can also serve as a key holder too.

Id lanyardsWearing a lanyard can also boost school spirit among students. ID lanyards are also often used by small organizations in universities and colleges. Whatever organizations or athletic groups you belong to, a marked lanyard helps give you a sense of identity.

For Employees

Some companies issue their own corporate ID lanyards as part of their uniforms. More than holding their ID cards, these lanyards can also hold a couple of other items like your locker key and perhaps even a pen. This is great especially if your ID also serves as an access card to various parts of the office. You can simply reach for the ID hanging from your neck and swipe your card easily without having to fumble around in your bag or pocket.

For Members of the Family

Everyone in the family can use lanyards for various purposes. It can hold your house and room keys so you do not have to worry about losing them. Hang a set of master keys on a lanyard and put it in a place where your family members can easily find them. Make sure, however, that you do not put it where unauthorized people or people with ill intentions can get their hands on them.

Moreover, when your family plans to have a vacation, neck lanyards are also ideal for travel. You can hang your cameras and shoot every nice view you see.

For the Sporty

It is common to see these lanyards being given away as sports memorabilia and team gear. Individual athletes or even those who simply love to exercise regularly can make use of these lanyards too. They can be used by joggers to hold their essentials as they go for their runs. They can have a pouch with their house keys, identification card, and a small amount of money hanging from their lanyard. These lanyards can also hold a small lightweight water bottle so you can stay hydrated while exercising.

For Music Lovers

These ID lanyards can help you take your music with you wherever you are. Just make sure that your lanyard attachment is secure enough to carry the weight of your music player. You can also place it in your bag and use the lanyard to tie it to the strap. This way, you simply have to tug at the lanyard to get your music player.

There are plenty of other uses that you can think of for ID lanyards. Interesting life hacks can come from this everyday item. The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive and readily available at the-lanyard-factory. Even if you want to have them customized, you can easily order them from lanyard stores online and offline.

Cooling Mister: Common Questions

Plenty of people are starting to wonder if they should get a mister for their household or not. Mist fans are becoming more and more common among public households as people begin to recognize its benefits. Nevertheless, most people are hesitant to make the leap since they are not entirely sure on whether getting one would be a good idea.

Cooling Mister

It is perfectly fine and normal for most people to be skeptical of mist fans. It is easy to think of mist fans as some gimmick machine that a man with a quick rich ambition made in his garage overnight. Just looking at it makes most people think that a mist fan is just some fancier try harder version of a standard electric fan.

While both of them are similar in a lot of ways, they are also different in plenty of ways. They are similar in that both of them blow a strong gust of wind using propellers spun at high speeds. However, a mist fan is different because it actually cools it uses. In this regard, it is more like an air conditioner than anything else.

Below are a few common questions people tend to ask when they try to decide on whether they should get a mister or not.

What kind of system is best?

There are basically three different kinds of mist systems based on the amount of water pressure that it uses for spraying the mist. The three different pressure systems are: high, medium, and low. Each kind of pressure system is suitable for a particular purpose. Getting a mist fan depends largely on a person’s needs and how a mist system will satisfy those needs.

A high pressure mist fan is the best option for those who plan on using the fan for a large area or crowd. These mist fans are the most expensive mist fans out there. The steep price is justified by the high performance that owners can expect from these mist fans.


Medium pressure mist fans are the ideal option for those who do not want something big, but do not have to pay much for performance. Medium pressure mist fans serve as the golden mean between the low pressure and high pressure mist fans. These mist fans are best suited for work at a small commercial establishment, like a restaurant, or a home.

Low pressure mist fans are the cheapest of the lot. They have the poorest performance of the three, but are also the cheapest ones to get. These are often bought for personal use.

How does evaporative cooling work?

A mister uses a process known in science as evaporative cooling in order to chill the air. This is what primarily sets a mist fan apart from a regular electric fan. The fact that it can cool the air is a function usually associated with air conditioners and not a fan.

Evaporative cooling is actually simple. It basically involves using a liquid to absorb heat from matter until it evaporates. To illustrate, the human body generates a lot of heat. The heat needs to be cooled off in order to keep the body functioning. Sweat absorbs some of the body’s heat until it evaporates taking some of the heat with it.

The same is true with mist fans and how tiny droplets of water are sprayed into the air to make it colder.

What factors can affect the mist fan’s performance?

There are plenty of factors that can affect a mist fan’s performance. Any location with high humidity for example will make the mist fan less effective. Other conditions such as wind speed and direction can also affect mister performance.