Cooper is frustrated with the rules of the English Carabao Cup

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Forest head coach Steve Cooper is frustrated with the rules of the English Carabao Cup. That prohibit loan players from playing for real clubs, even if the owners allow them. Because it resulted in Dean Henderson not being able to duel Manchester United in the 2nd semifinal.

‘Dino’, as a loan player from United, was the hero of ‘The Jungle’ in the quarter-final penalty shoot-out win over Wolves 4-3 after drawing 1-1 in regular time. To face the ‘Red Devils’

According to Rule 6.3 of the competition, “a player who is registered to compete. With an affiliate on a temporary basis Not eligible to compete against ufabet clubs holding full-time contracts Even if it’s under Mae Yim’s consent.”  

As a result, Henderson can only sit around his team-mate and hope to see Wayne Hennessey show off his home-away goal defense. Even if the performance of the league game in December will lose 0-3

“I just thought it was painful. After seeing the work ‘Dino’ did last night Not only did he defend a very cool penalty,” Cooper mumbled. 

“But during the game did well. Seriously, it’s even more than just normal.”

“It’s really a pity since he’s the active group of the team. Dedicated to the strength, diligence in training, helps to push the team in the direction that it wants to be as much as possible. 

“To do that you need good goalkeepers. It’s not just people who can be trusted. But he can buy people’s hearts when It’s a great thing for the organization.” 

“While knowing about the aforementioned rules from tonight, if you want to celebrate, it’s brackish.” 

Forest is the favorite from the four teams that reach the semi-finals, with a rate from William Hill at 10/1 ( bet 1 , pay 10 , excluding capital ) .