10 places to visit in New York

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When one thinks of America‘s largest city and the second largest city in the world, that position would be none other than New York, the economic, business, education and shopping haven of all shopaholics. not only that new york city It is also full of modern, quaint, and photogenic buildings. This event, both shoppers and social media need to arrange a bit.

1. Statue of Liberty

 The symbol of America would be impossible to be anywhere but the Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty) that no one has to see this greatness to see with their own eyes. This monument is a bronze sculpture. molded into a figure Libertas , Roman goddess of liberty. It was a great gift given by the French to Americans to celebrate their 100th National Day on July 4, 1886, in remembrance of the relationship between the United States and France during the 19th century. The American Revolution is known as a landmark. That everyone Must visit and take a commemorative photo. Otherwise, it’s like I haven’t reached New York.

2. Times Square

A world-class business and entertainment district in the heart of New York City. Filled with the color of the billboards affixed to the various buildings. It is home to the Times Building, the headquarters of The New York Times, as well as Broadway and 7th Avenue, in addition to being a shopping street. with both famous brand stores and international restaurants. 

There’s also a Broadway theater that hosts well-known plays such as The Phantom of the Opera, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Frozen, The Lion King, and more, plus the Paramount Theatre. with movies projected on the big screen and mascot characters from famous movies came out to greet passersby. In addition, in the Times Square areaIt’s also a New Year’s countdown spot that both Americans and foreigners would like to celebrate here once in their lives.

3. Central Park

 In the middle of a city full of skyscrapers , Central Park acts as a giant lung in an area of ​​3.41 square kilometers. The city center is pack with modern buildings and people. In addition to the spaciousness that we still walk, it’s not all around. Here there is also a shady. full of grass A large reservoir and various spots for activities such as exercise, duck boating, walks, and a lot of beautiful photo corners ทางเข้า ufabet

Each season has a different atmosphere. In spring , cherry blossoms bloom in pink, covering the entire garden. It’s very beautiful. In summer , the grass and trees are lush green, refreshing, welcoming the warm sunlight. when the autumn leaves are alternate color turned yellow, orange, red, warm, with a cold wind started to come. Before being covered with white snow for the winter , every season has its own charm. It is truly the number one relaxation place in the middle of nature for New Yorkers

4. The Vessel 

Go take a cool photo with The Vessel, magnificent contemporary sculpture. It is located in the Hudson Yards project on an area of ​​70 hectares west of Manhattan. What’s cool about this sculpture is that it looks like a strange building that takes us up for a walk. You can see the view of New York City up there. It’s a building on social media. And the art line should not miss it. because the photo is very beautiful It can also be an inspiration for people who want to create something new.

5. Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building, a triangular shaped building that will be amaze at any angle with a construction that breaks all the rules of possibility. Because besides being flat and wrong with general buildings It is also a very tall building. until it’s scary But it’s also a landmark that you have to take pictures with anyway. Because it’s a cool thing that can’t be found anywhere else