Koke hopes to play with Atletico until he retires from football.

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Atletico midfielder Koke hopes to continue playing with Atletico Madrid until the end of his playing career.

Jorge Resurreccion Koke, Atletico Madrid’s 32-year-old midfield captain, hopes to continue playing with Atletico until the end of his playing career following a contract extension until this summer. 2025 with wages reduced by approximately 60 percent, according to a report from Promotion ufabet on Monday. 

Koke has agreed to take a 60 percent pay cut from his previous €8m a year to a little more than €3m a year, on par with Pablo Barrios and Rodrygo Riegel. with an option to extend at the end of the season depending on his involvement with the team.

Koke joined Atletico Madrid from the age of 8 in 2000 until he rose to the first team in 2009 and is captain of Atletico’s La Liga championship team in the 2020-2021 season. 

‘It’s the most golden era for the club,’ Koke said in a statement on City’s 2021 league title win.

‘I’ve had many opportunities to leave this place, my home, and I don’t want to go anywhere. How can I leave at the best of times? When it’s the most fun Even when you are in the hardest of times. But you have to know how to enjoy the good times.’

‘It is a great pride to be captain of Atlético during such a beautiful time. I can repay Miguel Angel Kiel and the club for the great effort they made for me as a young player. more than memories I will bring my teammates Gabi, Juanfran, Godin, Simeone and the people.’

‘I want to return to (Square) Neptuno with the fans. We have reached a good agreement for both sides to be able to stay until the day I can retire. Atletico is my life.’